A Raytrace rendering tool written in Java.

During a graduate course on Computer Vision and Computer Graphics we built raytracers from scratch. Here are some of the images that my team’s java-based raytracer produced. Among the features in raytrace are:

  • reflections
  • refractions
  • shadows
  • anti-aliasing
  • a thin-lens effect
  • semi-opaque atmosphere
  • multi-threaded rendering


The raytrace GUI in java swing.

raytrace GUI


Three reflective spheres on a tile surface.

Note the thin lense causes the nearby tiles to be out of focus. Around the spheres we can see reflections, shadows and variations in lighting.

tile spheres


A semi-transparent objects in front of three spheres.

Note how the light refracts as it passes through the transparent objects.

clear brick and spheres


A 3d model of a pool table.

Drawn by Keegan Patmore and rendered in raytrace.

pool table