I am always working on a number of fun projects, some of which are further along than others.  On these pages, you will find details about some of the more interesting projects that I am currently working on or have worked on in the past.  Please let me know if you find anything that interests you or if you would like to discuss the possibility of collaborating on a project related to any of these topics.

CEBL – Colorado State University Electroencephalography and Brain-Computer Interfaces Laboratory (CEBL, pronounced səbul) is a modular BCI and EEG analysis platform written in python and designed to allow for rapid prototyping and analysis of real-time BCI systems and experiments.

Rml – R Machine Learning is a software package including some of the various machine learning tools that I have developed over the years.  Especially, various kinds of feedforward and recurrent neural networks.

BCIBots – Controlling robots with Brain-Computer Interfaces

badger – An experimental linear algebra library for C/C++ that uses various optimizations, including SSE, OpenMP and GPU acceleration using NVIDIA’s CUDA programming language.

goofs – A distributed file store, in the spirit of Google’s distributed file sytem.

sshall – A simple but flexible tool for executing remote commands across multiple hosts.

raytrace – A raytracer and rendering engine for 3D graphics written in Java.

scimus – A virtual science museum written in C and OpenGL.

csuthesis – A LaTeX document class and template for Theses and Dissertations and Colorado State University