Elliott Forney at Poudre River

I am currently working as a Machine Learning Engineer for IBM as a part of the Watson Natural Language Understanding (NLU) team where we are working to develop and operationalize next-generation artificial intelligence and machine learning systems for advanced text analytics.  In addition to supporting the public NLU API in the IBM Cloud, we also develop a number of advanced NLP technologies that are leveraged by various other IBM teams and solutions.

Before joining IBM, I earned my Ph.D. in Computer Science under Dr. Charles Anderson at Colorado State University. My graduate research was focused on the development of novel machine learning methods for modeling signals and time series.  In particular, I worked for the CSU Brain-Computer Interfaces Laboratory on an NSF-funded grant to develop machine learning techniques for analyzing Electroencephalography (EEG) signals in noninvasive Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs).  I am also the principal software developer for the Colorado Electroencephalography and Brain-Computer Interfaces Laboratory (CEBL3), which is a python based software platform for BCI and EEG analysis in both offline and real-time settings.

My broader interests in computer science include other applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence, data science, computer vision, high-performance computing, software development and open-source technologies.  Please visit my projects page for some examples of the projects I am working on.  A recent copy of my vita can be found here.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family and working on various home projects or playing outside with my son, daughter and wife.  I also enjoy creating science art and I like camping, hiking and target shooting.  I am originally from Scottsbluff Nebraska and still enjoy spending time on the prairie and helping out on Forney Ranch.